Chashaku and Chasen Set for Matcha (Bamboo Scoop and Tea Whisk)

Product Description

Set of Bamboo scoop and Whisk for your Matcha preparation

There are some rules on Japanese tea ceremony, but Matcha preparation is personal. These traditional utensils can make you enjoy Matcha preparation at home. Of course a teaspoon and an electric milk frother work as well, but bamboo scoop (Chashaku) and tea whisk (Chasen) are nice to have!

Try to avoid getting the scoop wet. Use Fukusa ( silk cloths used in Japanese tea ceremony) or soft paper/cloths to clean it.

This bamboo whisk has 100 bristles, which make it easier to give finer foam to Matcha tea. The twisited part would get untied after the use.
After the use, put the bamboo whisk Chasen in tepid water and rinse off any remaining Matcha foam. In the case Matcha still remains on Chasen, wash the whisk with your finger, don't use some detergent and sponge for cleaning. Afterwards, dry it in the shade, airy place.


Product code
Size scoop: W 18.0cm x H 2.5cm
whisk: W 5.5cm x H 10.0cm
Material Bamboo
Origin Imported
Note Tray and Matcha tea bowl are not included.

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