Sori Yanagi, - Stainless Steel Tongs

Product Description

Functional Beauty

Beautiful lines, very functional—they are the words you can always hear about Sori Yanagi's tongs. The tongs are made by an integrated moding—no joint design which allows you to wash it easily and keep it clean. Ideal for pasta, sauté meat and fish, salad, and udon/soba noodle—easy to hold and pick. Made in Tsubame, Japan by Japanese master craftsmen with much attention to detail.

Designer Sori Yanagi 

Sori Yanagi is one of the most inspiring and respected designers in the world. As his Butterfly Stool (1954) is considered iconic in the world of Japanese design, his kitchen tools have also been admired and long-selling with its simplicity, stylish design and high function.  

Product code tod0033
Size W 10.5cm x L 9.0cm x H 7.5cm
Capacity  —
Material Stainless Steel
Origin Tsubame, Japan
Designer Sori Yanagi

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