Mamezara Small Plate 7cm, Naname Koushi

Product Description


As a tea bag caddy, serves small sweets, olives etc. 

This plate is the perfect rest for tea bags, teaspoon. It can also function to serve olives, olive oils, small sweets, sugar cubes, Shoyu Soy Sauce, and even accessories!

This check pattern has been admired with varied style: bold and thin lines, few and many lines etc. It's a representative pattern of "Understated simplicity", this oblique check is also popular pattern.

What's Mamezara?

In Japanese, mame originally means beans, and signify "tiny, small", then Zara (sara) means dish in general. The small Mamezara plates – varied with its shapes, patterns, decorations have been admired in Japan, and due to the vast array of design and the moderate price, the plates are especially popular with collectors, who enjoy finding their favorites.

Sobachoko Mamezara–Transformed 3D to 2D!

Popular Sobachoko cup is now a motif of small plate Mamezara. Sobachoko cup has been used since 17th century in Japan, which can be used for a variety of things; cups for soba buckwheat noodles, sake, cuisine. Due to the vast array of patterns and sizes available, the cups are especially popular with collectors.

Product code
Size W 7.2cm x L 7.4cm x H 1cm
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Imari, Japan
Maker Tokushichi-gama Kiln
- Oven safe
- Microwave safe
- Freezer safe
- Dishwasher safe
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