Qusavi - Makeup Brush (Large), Tessen Wakakusa Dami

Product Description

Imari-Nabeshima Ceramic and Kumano Brush.

Tessen, an elegant flower with a tightly entwined vine, is an auspicious motif which represents the cementing of a good relationship. It is why this motif is often used for traditional Japanese bridal costumes and Homongi kimonos.

This brush is used as a powder brush and finishing brush. High-quality makeup brush can make applied powder take well and look natural, and also produces soft and natural finish effect.

The ceramic stem for this brush was handmade by the renowned Hataman-toen Kiln. The skill of the craftsmen is evident to see in this exquisitely decorated piece.
Hataman kiln's continued success can be attributed to the balance their fine wares strike between the traditions of Imari-Nabeshima ware and modern design.  

Hiroshima-based luxury brush manufacturer, Chikuhodo, provides the brush, made from a mixture of sokoho and squirrel hair. Sokoho is the finest of goat hairs - light and soft to the touch - while the squirrel hair used in this brush is even softer and smoother. They are blended to achieve a soft yet comfortably firm feel.

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Product code
Size D 3.6cm x H 9cm (Lengh of Hair 4.5cm)
Material for Stem Porcelain (claystone)
Material for Brush Blend of sokoho and squirrel hair
Ceramic Maker Hataman, Imari-Nabeshima, JAPAN
Brush Maker Chikuhodo, Kumano, JAPAN
Note - Cleaning instruction is included.
- Presented in an original gift box.

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