Common Kingfisher Shaped Soy Sauce Dispenser, Blue

Product Description

Cute and Unique Soy Sauce Dispenser on Your Table

This kingfisher dispenser looks like a cute object on your table. The beak formed spout is designed to avoid dripping. It can be used as a creamer too. Karakusa pattern is made on a surface and may give a nice accent on the table. Made of porcelain, easy to keep clean. 

Product Code krk0404
Size W 8.0cm x L5.0 x H7.5cm 
Capacity 70ml
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Arita, Japan
Maker Kouraku

- Oven safe
- Microwave safe 
- Freezer safe
- Dishwasher safe
*Read more >> Care guide 


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