Soap Dispenser, Karakusa

Product Description

With cheerful color.

This liquid soap dispenser is ideal to be used in Kitchen, bathroom and on a sink etc.

Karakusa, originally a Chinese motif of grass, is an auspicious motif which represents unlimited development. This beautiful yellow can create a cheerful atmosphere in a space!

The vision of Fukuda Kunio, the founder of Fukusen-gama Kiln, was to bring happiness to people through the ceramic products that they use in their everyday lives. Mr. Fukuda therefore decided to name his kiln Fukusen - literally Happiness Spring in Japanese - to reflect his desire to see happiness bubble up from his products just as water does from the many natural springs in Japan. The result of Mr Fukuda's vision is that Fukusen's products all express a certain playfulness but with a respect for traditional techniques.

It is presented in a Japanese washi paper used original white and red gift box.

Product code
Size W 10.5cm x H 14.0cm
Capacity 330ml
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Arita, Japan
Maker Fukusen-gama Kiln
Note Presented in a gift box.

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