[NEW IN] Dami Soba Choko Cup

soba choko sake cup - | Japanese tableware and fine gifts
Happy to announce we have now smaller soba choko cups from Arita! 

Summer Holiday Closure

summerholidayclosure-jpap japanese porcelain and pottery

Dear Customers,

Our online store service section will be closed from August 11th to 15th, 2017. Orders placed on the days will be shipped within three days after August 16th.


[summer campaign] Free shipping worldwide! –

Hi, everyone! It's summer time, it's sale time!  

This summer, we offer you free worldwide shipping on any order of JPY40,000 or more! 

Get a great reduction and enjoy your summer shopping with us!


Various Sake Cups

Japanese Sake Cups | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts 
Sake can be served in a wide variety of sake cups. You can, of course, enjoy your favorite sake with your favorite sake cup for its size, design, color, shape, and material. But as the form of wine glass means a lot to enjoy the aroma and taste, the different type of sake cups give you different sake experience!

Japanese Golden Week Holidays Notification

holiday notification 2017 | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts
Dear Customers,
JPAP club service section is closed between May 3 and 7, 2017 due to the Japanese Golden Week holidays. Orders placed on the days will be shipped after May 8.

What's Dami? Dami-Fude(brush)?

Dami Brush | JPAP - Japanese Porcelain and Pottery Club

Have you ever heard about "Dami"?

【NEW IN】To Enjoy Japanese Food More in Japanese Eating Style

Japanese rice bowl, eating style

Rice bowl and Miso soup bowl. You have probably been enjoying a Japanese eating style with them, or had some experience to use at a Japanese restaurant in your local.

We have now both collection, Rice bowls and Miso soup bowls to you who appreciate Japanese cuisine and enjoy the Japanese eating style.

【NEW IN】Chopsticks and Chopstick Rest

Japanese chopsticks 23cm

There are various chopsticks styles in Asian chopstick-use countries. Japanese chopsticks taper from handle to tip.

【NEW IN】Straw Pot Trivets

Straw Pot Trivets

We are happy to let you know that our trivet collection is now expanded with new three sizes straw trivets! 

【NEW IN】Arita's Traditional Design Plates

Plate 16cm, Madori-sansui  | JPAP - Japanese Tableware and Fine Gifts

Arita's traditional design plates are now in our collection!