Choju- (jinbutsu-) giga (Scrolls of frolicking Animals (and humans))


JP: 鳥獣(人物)戯画/ちょうじゅう(じんぶつ)ぎが)

A famous set of four picture scrolls (emakimono), made in the Heian/Kamakura periods (8th -14th century), belonging to Kozan-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan. Anthropomorphic rabbits, monkeys and frogs are humorously illustrated on the scrolls.

The name is based on a pun between two words: Choju (鳥獣), meaning frolicking Animals, and Choju (長寿), meaning longevity, which is why these anthropomorphic animals are often drawn on Arita porcelain products as auspicious motifs

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